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NCISECT 2015 - National Conference | 25th-26th Mar 2015

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The National Conference on Impact of Software Engineering in Computer Technologies provides a forum for researchers in academia and industry to share the latest technologies and developments in this rapidly developing field. This conference stresses inter-disciplinary communication and affords valuable outreach opportunities to professionals and students alike.

The main aim of the conference is to bring out and share the latest research contributions in the area of Software Engineering and to gain exposure to the current demands and opportunities. The conference seeks solutions to challenging problems in different disciplines in the area of Software Engineering. The Conference is open to academicians and practitioners working in the broad area of Software Engineering. We hope to promote interaction among industry and academia through such conferences. Software is a primary enabler as well as major cost driver for our current and emerging systems.

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A Collaborative Approach to Enhance Security in Location Based Services by Answering Range Queries in WSN
Anandhi.B , Amudha.S
Cite This Article| Downloads :1299

Analysis Detection And Prevention Of Users From Click Jacking Attack Using DDOS
Jeena James, Agnes.A, Hajera.S.H
Cite This Article| Downloads :1238

Scheming an Hybrid Architecture for High Secure M-Commerce Applications
W.S.Callina Jeba Kumari, Mrs.P.Asha
Cite This Article| Downloads :1221

Secure Biometric Cryptosystem Which Follows Multimodal Approach for Biometric Key Generation
Ankit Joshi, Nitesh Singh, K Vijayakumar
Cite This Article| Downloads :1205

Secure Transmission in UAV Intelligence
P.Nirmala Deve, Dr.V.Dhanakoti
Cite This Article| Downloads :1229

A Payable Secured Monitoring System for Video Streaming and Detecting Content Leakage in Trusted Networks
K.BhavanaPriya, M.Azhagiri
Cite This Article| Downloads :1188

An Exclusive Survey on Cluster Based Key Management Techniques in MANET
K. Gomathi, Dr. B. Parvathavarthini
Cite This Article| Downloads :1223

Data Confidentiality Enabled Deduplication Scheme Using Convergent Keys - Deduplication Scheme in Cloud Storage
Deepa.D , Revathi.M
Cite This Article| Downloads :1282

Detection of Anomaly in Network Traffic utilizing SVM Classification Model
Jabez J, Dr.B.Muthu Kumar
Cite This Article| Downloads :1258

Internet Protocol Version 6
Siddharth Syal, Sebu Elias, Krishnapriya S
Cite This Article| Downloads :1195

Private Badges for Geosocial Networks Used In Real Time Application
R.Krithiga, V.Muthamilselvi
Cite This Article| Downloads :1212

Uncompromised Query Services with Optimal Privacy Preservation Schemes
Iswarya.U , Ruhin Kouser.R
Cite This Article| Downloads :1219

Proffer for Landslide Monitoring in Multi sensor Networks
Aruna Shankaralingam, Prahitha.K , Monica R
Cite This Article| Downloads :1170

Attribute based Encryption and Key Distribution for Secure Storage in Clouds
R.Vaishali , M.Menaka
Cite This Article| Downloads :1199

Cloud Storage System Enabling Data Security Using Third Party Auditor
Krishnaselvi.L, Kanimozhi.S
Cite This Article| Downloads :1306

Enhancing Authorization of XML File Using Watermark
Arun Thomas .K, Mrs. J.Jeysasudha
Cite This Article| Downloads :1195

Enhancing Quality of Multiple Access Data of the System in Cloud with Caching Algorithm
Siva Chandran R, Jothi B
Cite This Article| Downloads :1196

Identity Based Multicloud Data Possession
Y MeenaPriyadarshini, Dr.P S K Patra, S Prakash
Cite This Article| Downloads :1213

Ingress defined cloud based multivariate retaliation structure with caching
G.Janaki , M.Menaka
Cite This Article| Downloads :1176

Privacy Proven Public Auditing Scheme in Cloud - Public Auditing For Multiple Tasks
Inbarasi.K, Dr.Arivazhagu.U.V.
Cite This Article| Downloads :1274

Securing Sensitive Data in Public Cloud by Using Attribute Based Encryption and Digital Watermarking
Vishnu S, Mrs. Krishnaveni S.
Cite This Article| Downloads :1157

A comparative study of effort estimation techniques using back propagation algorithm
S. Abbinaya, M. Senthil Kumar
Cite This Article| Downloads :1197

An Efficient Cancer Data Clustering Based On Ant Colony Optimization
P.Lakshmidevi , K.Chinetha
Cite This Article| Downloads :1240

Analysis of Information Retrieval using Query Extraction Techniques
Tagore Kumar Tummapudi, Uma M
Cite This Article| Downloads :1228

Mining Current Topics Based On Client Elucidation
Bavithra.N , Rajesh.P
Cite This Article| Downloads :1267

Refinement in Meta Search Engine for Effective Results Based On Relevance Feedback
Kayalvizhi.C, Swaraj Paul.C
Cite This Article| Downloads :1218

An Unbiased Approach for Clustering Large Data - A Time Complexity Efficient Approach
Rajarshi dev Choudhary, Akash Goenka, Mr. S.Karthik
Cite This Article| Downloads :1197

Accessing a Remote Desktop of a Client Using Remote Frame Buffer Protocol through Virtual LAN Cable
M Maheswari, Anindita Bora, Apurv Saxena
Cite This Article| Downloads :1207

Expert System for Health Care Data Stored On the Cloud
Anvika , Swathy Priya
Cite This Article| Downloads :1255

Smart File Sharing
V.SivaBalaSarathi, U.M.Raghuvaran, KodelaHimajaSushma, ParthSharma
Cite This Article| Downloads :1152

A Path Confusion Algorithm to Prevent Intrusion
Ramesh, Senthil Kumaran, Shiny Angel
Cite This Article| Downloads :1209

Online Advertising In Website through Related Latent Topic Models Using Latent Dirichlet Allocation Algorithm
M. Maheswari, Sanjana Nahar, Tanuj Agarwal
Cite This Article| Downloads :1141

Secure Communication in Decentralized Disruption Tolerant Military Networks Using CP-ABE and 2PC Protocol
Nayanika Bhargava, SahilBhasin, J.Jeyasudha
Cite This Article| Downloads :1197

Review on Encryption Techniques of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing
Anparasi K, ShanthaVisalakshi U
Cite This Article| Downloads :1192

An Automated Negotiation Model for SLA Based Decision Support System in Cloud Environment
P.Sujan kumar reddy, Ameneni Thanuja , Mrs.S.krishnaveni
Cite This Article| Downloads :1239

An Automated Approach for suggesting Tag based Questions and their Solutions
Gulshan Vaish, Anirudh Negi, B. Jothi
Cite This Article| Downloads :1207

Amalgamation- Data Redemption Model
Priyavarshini C U, R.Harish kumar, Mrs.S.krishnaveni
Cite This Article| Downloads :1255

Relevant Web Document Retrieval and Summarization
P.Selvapriyavadhana, Dr.PSK. Patra, W. Mercy
Cite This Article| Downloads :1166

A Secure i-Trust Scheme in Delay Tolerant Networks
S.Nathiya, J.Daphney Joann
Cite This Article| Downloads :1297

Angst Management Technology
Hemanth gupta, Sasi Rekha Sankar, Deep Deb
Cite This Article| Downloads :1410

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